Will Of Col. John L. Haynes

In the name of God

It is my will that when I die my wife, Angelica I. Haynes shall take immediate possession of all my property, real and personal, or of whatever character and thatshe shall not be required to go into the court further than to file an inventory of my estate.

That she shall have full power to manage my estate, to sell and convey any part thereof, to settle any and all outstanding business, and to use the same for the benefit of herself and our children, to whom I bequeath all of which I may die possessed in the proportion as fixed by the laws of the state. And she is fully authorized to join with her, with full powers, either or any of our sons in the management of my said estate; and that no bond shall be required of my said wife or any of my sons that may have the management of my estate. And that in the event of the death of my said wife, my oldest son James shall be substituted, and the others in like event, in the order of their birth. Hereby revoking all other wills. Done at Laredo, Webb County, Texas, this fifth day of July 1887.

/S/ JL Haynes

Witness :William Hender__

Notes by John L. Haynes 3rd 11-Aug-1997

Col Haynes died in Laredo, nine months later, April 2, 1888, at age 66. He was re-buried In Oakwood Cemetery, Austin the following year, March 7, 1889.

Will filed April 17th 1888, Laredo Texas; Recorded May 23rd 1888 in Minutes of Probate Court Vol 2 page 369/70.Copy furnished by Judge Marcel Carroll Notzon of Laredo, TX, husband of Nora Lee Haynes, ggrandaughter of Col. Haynes.

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